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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  December 5, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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mom. it's just -- i have to go curl up in a corner right now. >> you do that. >> chuck is in his favorite c y city. >> he's in the big apple. >> thank you for watching. we greatly appreciate it. mika, thank you for protecting me when cokie roberts and -- >> i have never seen joe interrupted more. >> it was great. >> it was wonderful. >> now stick around. new york chuck comes up. new york chuck. take it away. >> thank you, d.c. joe. you'd better watch out. the fiscal clause are coming to town. there may be pouting. three major issues on tuesday alone showed why republicans are facing a fierce fight amongst
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themselves for their open future. what sequestration would really mean for our military and our national security. you hear the word a lot. you don't get the details. it could mean losing millions of jobs. digging into the legality of recess appointments. it all revolves around whether the senate is working when an empty chamber gavels in for a few minutes. it's wednesday, december 5, 2012. will republicans cry uncle on taxes? with the holidays approaching, last night house spaeker john boehner took a break from the fight. . >> god bless us, everyone. and from my family to yours merry christmas. >> five, four, three, two, one.
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good job. >> well, that was one countdown clock. this morning the president is going to tell a graup of ceos that businesses need the certainty that middle class families won't see their taxes go up it at the end of the year. the president made it clear in his first interview since being re-elected on bloomberg news that he does not plan to budge on the idea of raising tax rates for the wealthiest 2% of americans. >> unfortunately it is still out of balance. $800 billion worth of revenues but he says he'll do that by lowering rates. when you look at the math, it doesn't work. we're going to have to see the top 02% go up. we're not going to be able to to get a deal without it.
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>> leaving open the possibility that they could come down again next year as part of comprehensive tax reform. >> let's let those go up and then let's set up a process for a time surgeon end of 2013 or the fall of 2013 where we work on tax reform, look at loopholes and deductions both democrats and republicans are willing to close be a it's possible we may be able to lower the rates. >> part of the decoupling we've been talking about. speaker boehner said, quote, if the president really wants to avoid sending the economy over the fiscal cliff, he has done nothing to demonstrate it. the position of congressman tom cole, that the party should agree immediately to extend the bush tax rates for americans making less than $250,000 a year is the best of a bunch of bad choices for the gop.
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>> the g 0 op is boxed in saying it's a terrible position because by default democrats get what they want. a big bargaining chip for house republicans is they need congress to raise the debt ceiling before the end of february when analysts estimate the treasury would run out of options and hit the borrowing cap. no deal is reached. closer to the deadline and today they will argue that's bad for business. help in supporting an approach without drama or delay a. >> we can't be going through another debt crisis, debt ceiling crisis like in 2011. that has to be dealt with. >> the president of the business roundtable has said congress should raise the debt ceiling enough for the next five years
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to avoid uncertainty. clearly that's something that won't happen. short term spending cuts should be part of any fiscal cliff deal. the big news this morning is we're not going over the cliff. they have a bad hand. they're going to end up passing this middle class tax thing if that's the only thing they do. and live to fight another day. you can see the momentum building. not official but you see it. the difficulty for boehner still is passing the extension may be best of the options it is an option that a chunk of his party has said he would reject. the fiscal conservatives criticizing boehner's budget pr proposal. then you had senate republicans watching their backs, rejecting a u.n. treaty that bans discrimination against those with disabilities around the world. senator jim demint said speaker
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boehner's $800 billion tax hike will destroy american jobs. yes, he said speaker boehner. one party proposes increase in an effort to counter them. the other party's leadership proposes, wait for it, $800 billion in tax increases and then former alaska governor sarah palin blasting boehner's decision to remove some conservatives from plum house committee assignments writing, come on now, gop. don't go wobbly on us. congressman jim jordan, an influential group of conservatives criticized the boehner plan. >> the problem i have with the republican proposal, frankly, is that it does raise taxes. the thing we need is economic growth. you're not going to grow the economy, put in place a framework conducive to job creation if you're raising ta s taxes. >> oklahoma senator tom coburn said conservative criticism
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might not be all that bad. >> i think that helps boehner. >> he's drawn a line in the sand for the fiscal conservatives and it communicates to both the white house and boehner. here is how far you can go. >> coburn also acknowledged house republican plan may be about as far as he can go. the conservative backlash in 2014 was very apparent in the senate. advocate for the disabled, a war hero, bob dole seated on the senate floor, did not stop republicans from voting down a united nations treaty that would promote equal rights and better treatment for the disabled around the world which says is inspired by the americans with disabilities act. noefrdz i in other words by a u.s. law. >> it's unthinkable that americans could not get over a curb or enter a school building or watch a debate if they were in a wheelchair.
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>> that's why a veteran comes back to the senate on an early december day because it matters. >> despite those pleas from two former presidential nominees, just eight republican senators voted to ratify the treaty sending it down in defeat. every senator up for re-election in 2014 except susan collins who, by the way, is from a blue state, voted against it. lindsey graham cast a no vote though john mccain was one of the treaty's biggest advocates. kelly ayotte voted for it. mississippi senator thad cochrane voted in favor and then as it was going down switched his vote to no. cochrane up in 2014. mississippi more worried about a primary than a general. this is one of of the saddest days i've seen in almost 28 years in the senate. and it needs to be a wake-up call about a broken institution
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that's letting down the american people. the g 0 op divide was on full display yesterday in both chambers. so was the republican attempt to move past the losses in 2012. there was a tribute to honor the late jack kemp. two men who had their eye on 2016. congressman paul ryan and marco rubio laid out their visions for expanding the appeal to the middle class. clear from the outset that the night was about moving past mitt romney. ryan welcomed rubio to the dinner, by the way, by joking about potential early state r run-ins the two of them may have ahead of them. >> i'll see you at the reunion can dinner for two. notice any good diners in new hampshire or iowa? >> paul, thank you for your invitation for lunch in iowa and new hampshire. but i will not stand by and watch the people of south carolina ignored. >> in his first big public speech since losing the presidential contest, they now
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have something in common. >> we both used to be the next vice president of the united states. though i wish this election turned out a little differently i'm proud of a campaign that mitt romney and i ran. losing is part of politics. and it can often prepare the way for greater victories. >> if that weren't enough of a signal that ryan is ready to move past the romney campaign with his political future in mind, there was this not so veiled reference. >> tend to divide into our voters and their voters. let's be really clear, republicans must steer far clear of that trap. >> rubio focused much of his speech on rebuilding the middle class. don't be surprised if we hear it this line again in the months ahead. a story about meeting some employees from the catering department at a new york hotel who had seen his speech at the republican convention where he
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talked about his dad who worked as a bartender when he came to america. >> they had a gift for me. they presented me with this name tag which says rubio, banquet bartender. there are millions of mario rubio's all across america today. they are not looking for a handout. all they want is a job that provides for their families. >> finally yesterday we heard from someone we haven't heard from in a while. former president george w. bush. he use add rare appears to give his party some advice on something he has a lot of credibility on, immigration. >> they invigorate our soul. as we debate the proper course of action relating to immigration i hope we do so with a benevolent spirit. >> quite the day yesterday.
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>> this battle for the soul is worth going back reading those speeches from bush to ryan to rubio. >> all right. as we move on, minority report democrats trying to force a vote on extending tax cuts. some republicans about ready to break ranks. what it really takes to make a deal before time runs out. first a look ahead to the president's schedule. wondering why do the negotiations look like nothing in the way ceos do negotiations. having you ship my gifts couldn't be easier. well, having a ton of locations doesn't hurt. and a santa to boot! [ chuckles ] right, baby. oh, sir. that is a customer.
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let's have the people's house break this ridiculous stalemate. let families across the nation go into the holiday season with certainty. everyone here agrees taxes should not go up on middle class families. democrats and republicans can come together to make that happen. >> that's minnesota democratic congre congressman tim walls on the floor moving to force a vote the president has been pushing for, one that would preverve tax rates for everyone making less than $250,000 a year. now tennessee republican marcia blackburn. let me start with you. explain where things stand with this discharge petition. how many signatures you need and whether those signatures need to be public or can they be
6:17 am
anonymous. walk me through the process? >> they're online as of now, chuck. 151 signers on it. >> 218, right? >> need 218. we represent 650,000 people each. believe it or not we don't disagree on frpg. we're trying to find common ground. i'm one of the people who said, yes, there's going to have to be changes made across the board. i have an agricultural but that was back in august. it's time to compromise. i'm willing to give, fight that and come back and fight another day to make sure the greater good is done.
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yes, i don't think it was perfect at that time. i certainly don't believe any bill leaves here perfect. >> he sounds like the conservative columnist in "the washington post." sounds like tom cole, oh, oklahoma republican and a conservative. this is the best of bad options. do this and live to fight another day on everything else. where are you on this issue? >> well, and where i am is i'm pleased that conservativeses and other republicans are putting ideas on the table. there is an unwillingness to address the spending side of the equation and, chuck, if we don't
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deal with the spending components and do that first, we're not going to be able to tax our way out of the situation. if you look at the problem and at extending those middle class tax rates and elevating on the top 2%, you generate enough revenue to cover eight days of running the federal government. so i think what we need to do 0 is keep the american people engaged. keep them focused on the issue and look at the spending, look at the reforms. >> i understand, but is it worth going over this fiscal cliff to do that or at this point let's just pure politics here, take away the president's best leverage. >> well, there again, you can't get to a workable long-term solution until you agree to address spending in the near term and the long term and until you address the two trust funds which are medicare and
6:20 am
entitlements. the largest of which is medicaid. there are lots of bills and plans and approaches that have been presented over the last several years. >> i understand that. i want to read a quote from somebody you are familiar with. the ceo of fedex. this is what he said about tax rates. a lot of mythology in washington that it's small business that creates all the jobs in the united states and if you raise the rates on the top 2%, you'll kill jobs. the vast majority are produced by capital investment in equipment and software. that's not done by small business. he's saying stop fighting over this 2% and move on. >> what he is looking for is certainty in the regulatory world and in taxation. we hear that quite a bit.
6:21 am
yes, indeed, capital investment is a big part of it. much of that capital and innovative acquisition comes from the innovative businesses that if you raise those rates you'll be hampering their ability to push that idea from conception to commercialization. >> i agree on the certainty issue. that's why this bill does that. we're not talking about tax increases. we're about freezing the rates and much of what marcia is saying, i'm with her. i'm one of the 17 that voted to extend all the rates to get by the crisis situation. i'm willing to look at all those things. those aren't moving. >> do you believe the president should be putting out a more detailed plan about what he's willing to accept? i know it's not popular.
6:22 am
should he do more of it? >> should he do more detail out there? >> it's up to each one of us. you lay it on the table. we can get $240 billion by allowing medicare to negotiate like the v.a. does. people are knocking down the door. those are things to bring them forward. if marcia brings forward and says we need to talk about the age or whatever, bring that forward. i'm going to make a determination on what's best in the long term interest. >> i read "the new york times" and the good news is we're not going over the cliff. if republicans don't like the deal they're cutting they'll do the plan. >> it is impossible to say what
6:23 am
is going to be the approach. there's also the idea that they will do a short term status quo. marries it up with a resolution into march. thoughtful and more thorough. that merits consideration. >> it feels like that's all coming. minnesota, tennessee rae suspectively, democrat/republican. thanks for coming on this morning. appreciate it. >> yes, chuck. how far does the power of the presidency reach? recess appointments. breaking the glass ceiling. the results of the caucus leadership elections and who harry read is calling a rising star in the party. first today's trivia question. name the state where both current senators are former governors.
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and bp's also committed to america. we support nearly 250,000 jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been stronger. there's a fight going on over the president's authority to make recess appointments,s and it heads to federal court today, historically recess appointments allow the president to keep the government working when the senate was not around to act which back in the 1700 and 1800s was more than half the year. make appointments, wouldn't need the confirmation process. today they use it to get around politically sensitive nomineeses, think richard
6:28 am
bolton. during george h.w. bush, they came up with a plan to stop recess appointments. don't take a recess. they would gavel in the senate and then immediately adjourn. today a federal appeals court hears a case on whether president obama had the authority to make the recess appointments he did last year. justice correspondent pete williams. so, pete, what happened was basically the white house didn't view the senate as in recess though republicans were doing the same gig. >> reporter: the question here legally, is the senate in recess. the obama administration says, no. the sessions are a sham. they last less than a minute. the congress or the senate when it decided to do this passed an order saying that no business would be conducted during these pro forma sessions. what are more do you need? the senate says we'll decide whether we're in recess or not and we say we're not, and not only that in the early part of the recess from december of last year to january of this year, the senate actually passed an extension to the payroll tax
6:29 am
cut. so is the senate in recess or not? and this is it either going to go to the supreme court, chuck, or the courts are going to say, you know what, we can't -- this is a dispute between the political branches. you guys work it out. i don't think it's 100% clear whether the courts will decide they can decide this question. >> that seems odd. i want to throw up a graphic. obama has actually done fewer, 32. he had fewer opportunities. bush 43 did 99. clinton 95 of them. isn't this destined for the supreme court? if you have the legislative branch and the executive branch disagreeing, then you need the third arbiter here. >> reporter: yes, but sometimes the third arbiter says, this is strictly a political question. it's not really for us to decide it. so i don't know how it will come out. the courts may decide. the tactics being used to challenge the president's recess authority. what's happening is the business groups with the backing of the chamber of commerce are criticizing decisions made by
6:30 am
the national labor relations board. >> right. >> because kaat the same time t president put three members on the mlrb. that's how they're attacking the recess power. >> all right. pete williams, this should be interesting. >> reporter: you bet. >> we'll see if they punt, i'd rather see this go to the supreme court. that's what the constitution is for. >> reporter: from a journalistic point of view. >> you love it when the constitution is used. >> reporter: absolutely. the opening bell rang just right now on wall street. how about that. perfect timing. that's what television is about. things are looking up. that's because i think everybody is reading between the lines on wall street. the labor department said productivity grew at the rate of 2.9% third quarter. that's almost three. november's adp report out this morning shows private sector unemployment was up 118,000 in november, that's slightly below numbers. a precursor to friday's report will give us the picture for the
6:31 am
month of november which will have a huge sandy impact, don't forget. up next, remembering a congressional giant, plus we're taking a deep dive into the deep cuts that the pentagon faces if congress does actually go over the fiscal cliff. you're watching "the daily rundown." ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios [ man thinking ] oh, this gas. those antacids aren't working. oh no, not that, not here! [ male announcer ] antacids don't relieve gas. gas-x is designed to relieve gas. gas-x. the gas xperts. yofor giving the perfect gift?le just have a knackve gas. they put real thought into it. and find just... the right...thing.
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so your money can do more. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. our teams have the information you want when you need it. it's another reason more investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade. on our campaign radar this morning, senate democrats find a point man for 2014. serious shifts on gay marriage and remembering a texas political giant. colorado senator michael bennet will lead the campaign committee for the 2014 cycle. harry reid called bennett one of the brightest rising stars in the democratic party. bennett said, quote, this will not be an easy job. also sticking around the executive director from the last cycle, michael bennet he is campaign manager in 2010 will continue to run the committee in 2014. "washington post" reports that ohio democratic congressman tim ryan was arrested in august in
6:35 am
virgin virginia for public intoxication. he was arrested august 25 when he was in lexington for a staffer's wedding and misdemeanor's case dismissed yesterday, confirming the arrest and dismissal happening but said the congressman was not intoxicated. the best bet in 2014. maybe now not so much. the latest quinnipiac poll shows voters are far more supportive of same sex marriage than just four years ago in 2008. a majority opposed it. now americans support it 48% to 46%. another new number to note. more than 90% of people polled in south carolina by winthrop university do not consider themselves members of the tea party. even though he hasn't announced his re-election bid. 22% of new yorkers said they would vote for governor cuomo. i doubt we'll see republicans find a candidate to take a
6:36 am
serious challenger than him. 72% of those polled have a favorable opinion of him. finally some sad news. congressman jack brooks has died. texas democrat entered the house in 1953 as the youngest member of that year's freshman class and spent 42 years representing southeastern texas. he helped write the civil rights act of 1964, the voting rights act. he didn't care much for president nixon, even saying he would have voted to impeach him the day he was inaugurated but it wouldn't have looked good. he helped draft nixon's articles of impeachment. brooks ran the kennedy presidential campaign in his texas district. he was also there the day he was killed and stood next to lyndon johnson as he was sworn in on air force one. by the way according to "the new york times", one of johnson's aides said brooks was one of the few men johnson was ever afraid of. brooks died at a baptist hospital from a sudden illness. he was 89 years old.
6:37 am
well, the president and republicans agree on very little in their fiscal proposals. with one glaring exception. neither proposal specifically includes defense cuts. in fact, both sides have gone out of their way to say they shouldn't happen. but if there's no deal, they may happen anyway. in today's "deep dive" how the sequester could impact our military, our economy, and our safety. the budget control act calls for about a trillion dollars in automatic cuts to begin in january if laes no deal. half would come from domestic spending. we'll dig deeper into that. today spes cifically about the half that comes from security and defense. the cuts on that side amount to $492 billion over the next ten years but they aren't across the board. the president has promised to exempt military personnel and veterans affairs. let me start this here. here is the $492. that, by the way, this $492 billion is on top of another
6:38 am
$450 billion cuts the d.o.d. was planning to make to cut waste and trim unnecessary programs. it's prompted mrenting of hand wringing on both sides. >> we can't afford another $500 billion in cuts in our defense budget on top of the $500 billion in cuts that the president is already making. >> the sequester destroys the united states military. according to our own secretary of defense, it would be shooting ourselves in the head. >> i'll take whatever the hell deal they can make right now to deal with sequestration. we cannot maintain a strong defense for this country. if see questering is allowed to happen. >> so is it clear everyone is against sequester? so what happens if it does happen? e according to management and budgeting, they would slice off a defense discretionary spending. that's up here. and then there would be direct spending in 2013. overall it works out to about
6:39 am
$55 billion a year in those cuts. a chart from the house armed services committee shows the sequester would bring d.o.d. funding as a percentage of the total budget well below 15%. look at this. this was the cold war buildup. right? this is where we'd be looking at to where percentage of defense of where things would look if all of this gets through. now let's look at it in terms of the jobs, the congressional research. 907,000 jobs in 2013. 1.21 million jobs in 2014, civilian and military positions, contractors, this is suppliers and this is the way it would bear out. if you keep going, let's look at it across the board in the different states. the biggest one and the one that everybody in washington, d.c., would note is the state of virginia here. of course that's why their economy has been humming along. you would see ten states, the top ten states in terms of workers directly employed by the aerospace and defense industry. the most recent labor sta t
6:40 am
statistics, california, connecticut, virginia, kansas, new york, and pennsylvania employ just together 434,000 defense industry workers. half of all defense related employees in the country. now in a letter sent next year, ten years of cuts would leave the u.s. with, look at this, the smallest ground force since 1940. the smallest number of ships and the smallest air force in its history. a group of officials including joint chiefs chairman said he understands the fleed need for cuts but says don't do it all at once. >> the totality of the cuts focused on a small percentage of the budget and that gets into operations and training and maintenance and the kinds of things that really short suit ourselves in the near term. it really is an ax right at the middle which will be very
6:41 am
difficult to do any kind of smooth way. >> and that's what we were trying to show you, not that anybody is saying there aren't cuts to be made, it's how it was being done. so cutting the defense budget all at once would force significant changes. but america's ability as a superpower doesn't appear to be in any danger. according to an international study, the u.s. is still slated to spend more than four times more on its military than china. you are looking at live pictures here. nancy pelosi and the newly elected house leaders. california's maxine waters the top democrat in financial services. the first democratic women to serve as ranking members of either of those committees. many of the top jobs are not changing hands. last week the caucus re-elected pelosi, van hollen into their
6:42 am
leadership role and after yesterday's vote waxman and slaughter will remain the ranking members of their key committees. gag ls coming here next. the gaggle makes it to new york. first, the white house soup of the day. ceos and the president munching on chicken noodle. i could use one more day of chicken noodle soup and my fiscal cough, i think, will be gone. [ man ] ring ring... progresso this reduced sodium soup says it may help lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just have to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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call today. ♪ we are now 26 days away from the fiscal cliff. i know some people say 27, but i go to december 31. the cliff is at when the ball drops. president obama rejected speaker boehner's $2.2 trillion plan
6:46 am
saying there's no deal without tax hikes for the wealthy. in an interview with bloomberg news warned about gamesmanship hurting the economy. >> i think america is poised to take off. and the question is, let's make sure we don't have a self-inflicted wound because there are silly games played up on capitol hill. >> let's bring in our wednesday gaggle. non-dcors. i'm curious what you think. nancy gibbs, deputy managing editor for "time" magazine and director editor of msnbc david wolfe. he's a new yorker now. eroll, let me start with you. watching what we're doing down in washington, does anybody outside of washington care? >> very much so. very much so. >> new york is paying attention because of all you wall street people. >> wall street and the defense cuts. there's a lot riding on it and a lot as far as people's preferences. the state votes for the president, the state votes for a
6:47 am
president who said he was going to do certain things. you sort of wanted to see him at least get it done, get a clear up and down vote on it. >> i'm getting the feeling, nancy and richard, that we now see, we're not going off the cliff. republicans are making that clear because they're starting to come to grips. worst case scenario, we'll take and pass what the president asked for. i think it's because of polling like this. "the washington post"/pew poll. we've seen some republicans, what stage of grief are we in? >> denial, which we've seen a lot of. >> we're moving off denial. >> into acceptance. when is the messaging going to change? the republicans are going this as something they are lose to the president will win. 98% will be temp rather tax cuts made permanent. >> permanent. right. there's no more expiration on those. fully permanent, something they
6:48 am
could never dream of ten years ago. >> at some point i think they're going to rotate the debate and try to spin it that way. >> look, guys, we're not going over the cliff. they're all but saying, we can't cut a deal with the president, we're going to take away his best weapon. >> we should be realistic about it. >> it may not be a big deal. >> i think it will be a pretty big deal. >> the grand bargain. the big grand deal by the end of the year but we won't go over the cliff. >> no, i don't think so. and also, by the way, we're not really talking about not raising the debt ceiling, too. that may be kicked down the road a little bit. but republicans are not really seriously going to run through what they went through. they know how costly that was. the dynamic has changed. >> that i disagree with. i think they're starting to show the debt ceiling -- that's what some of the -- that's the way boehner will get his votes on this. hey, guys, let's give the president the middle class tax
6:49 am
cuts. i'm not going to cut the big deal with him. >> more leverage. >> more leverage. >> but an hour from now, obama is going to be in front of the business roundtable and trying to enlist them and other business lead eers to say, god, don't put us through this again. don't put the economy through again. he's already preparing for that. >> the people who really get stuff done in washington, the business lobby, the defense lobby. now here is the difference. the difference with this dynamic, the hostage takers last time have been taken hostage, right? the people who are prepared to bust through all of these moments and really go over the cliff are the democrats. they don't mind taxes. you've got a different dynamic just because who is willing to go through the deadline? >> errol, the president will meet with those ceos. how many will look and say, you know what, hey, buddy, you stink at running negotiations. will you get into a room and work this out? enough of this public posturing. it's absurd.
6:50 am
>> they won't say it to his face obviously. >> they'll tell it to other people. they ought to. >> when you're in the beltway, in the bubble, you realize things aren't quite as simple as all of that and things have to go through. there is this tremor, i think, going through state and local governments as well as the business community, what if they don't get it together? i think that's what they're going to convey. >> and you wonder why isn't the president playing the adult and saying let's get in a room now? why the posturing. when we come back, there was a lot of republican branding going on yesterday, happened somewhat accidentally, somewhat on purpose. trivia we ask, name the state where both current senators are also former governors. there are actually two answers to this question. west virginia and nebraska senators were former governors. virginia will be in this category january 3rd, but nebraska leaves it when deb fisher replaces ben nelson. hi, i'm phil mickelson.
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. when i graduated from law school i had close to $150,000 in student debt. that's a debt i just paid off last year with the proceeds of my book "an american son" which is the perfect holiday gift and it's available on amazon. >> let's bring back errol lewis, nancy gibbs and richard wolffe. candidate barack obama, identical about his law school debt. >> his convention speech as well. >> it's a little eerie. >> you can replace some of the words they're the same script. >> nancy, watching ryan and rubio try to get past 47% and they were both in a very, i think effective ways. very good speeches. >> used the phrase middle class
6:55 am
37 times in 30 minutes, what do you think that's about. >> errol, rubio and ryan are potentially the future of the party and you had what we watched on the senate floor yesterday a bunch of senate republicans with their tail between their legs hiding, worried about primary challenges because they might get rid of american sovereignty to the united nations over disabilities. >> it was a little depressing asking the world to get up to u.s. standards and do what we do as far as curb cuts and access and ability to get around, to suggest that this was somehow going to be bad for america was absurd and i think when we poll it, when you look at it as it starts to sink in, in the country, they'll see they are on the wrong side of yet another issue. >> quickly, george bush was trying to help his party talking about the issue he may have more
6:56 am
credibility on than any in his world, that's immigration. >> changing the tone and talking again about compassion, what his brother has been saying, he's providing them. >> the party might listen this time. >> they might because they want to. >> they have to. plugs, shameless. >> come to our new website., a great exclusive with bob costas from "the last word" talking about gun control, need to have the control. >> 2012 best of everything on, not just about movies, it's political ads, gaffes, apologies, we have it all. >> hot off the presses "deadline artists," a collection of newspaper columns, a great gift, this one is yours and available in book stores, amazon, barnes & noble et cetera. >> mine is amazing to be in new york city during the holiday season. it is beautiful for those 40 days. other than that, i can take it or leave it.
6:57 am
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